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  1. That's the way of play, if you change something in the tactic maybe then it will not works well. Try to get player with high tackling attribute.
  2. Sorry, I don't have time for that, you can load the tactic and see all of that.
  3. @alex1234, I was trying everything and that combination was great for me, and DL is more attacking because of that I think. @matsk89, I never use editors, I can send you that save if you want, but what you say about Bologna then? @Koko44, DL and DR.
  4. Everybody scores, except GK Btw Fabian Reese is a top scorer of the league, he is from my B squad. Bruno Mendes too, in my first season.
  5. Alavanja Diablo 19.3.6 Welling-Bologna-Coruna-AFC I'll start with Welling, from 6th tier to Champions league for just 6 seasons!! First season media prediction was 6th place, and every next season was between 17th and 24th place. It was very interesting campaign for me and big big challenge, and with my best tactic so far I made it. I tested it with couple of teams on 19.3.6 patch, and with all of them I had great success, because of that I decided to share it with you. It's not good to be selfish. I can't upload all interesting screenshots because there are so many, but I will some of them, so let's begin... Tactic WELLING First Big Names BOLOGNA (No Transfers 1st Season / Media Prediction 15th) Double Crown AFC ESKILSTUNA First Big Names DEPORTIVO Download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/gkjj43hg51xriot/Alavanja_Diablo_19.3.6_Welling-Bologna-Coruna-AFC.fmf/file
  6. I hadn't time for detailed description. Btw training, OI, team talk and things like that are set to assistant manager. Takers are set by default. The tactic is same for home and away, plug and play. No exploits, just perfect settings Thanks, and cheers!
  7. My the best tactic so far for 19.3.5, I tested it with couple of teams, and with all of them I had great success, and after that I decided to share it with you. Tactic Ipswich Town (No Transfers 1st Season) Ipswich Town CL Champs Season Bournemouth ((No Transfers 1st Season) West Ham (No Transfers 1st Season) Lazio 1st Season Champs Nottm Forest 1st season Champs Queens University (the hardest challenge, started from 3rd Northern Ireland league, no money, no trophies) Download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/a1odd4fqwxafjz9/Alavanja_Diablo_19.3.5_IWB.fmf/file
  8. Yeah, Junior Division One made me confused, Intermediate Division One is in the 12th level, anyway that Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division One doesn't exist in level 14 category of this file, why?
  9. Where is Wanderers FC (first FA Cup winners), they should be in level 12 (I saw that on Wikipedia), I wanted to start with them but I have no idea why I see Wanderers FC no longer exist (FA cup list of past winners)? http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/wanderersfc/
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