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  1. I'm confusing myself here! Team is predicted 4th with above average technicals and work rate. Defence is solid and one CB aside averagely quick. I want us to play possession football with some urgency in the final third. So from the keeper up to Fleck or even higher slow, controlled, risk free. Then we try to open teams up which we're not going to do if we're just passing sideways. I think what I need to do then is use a mentality with lower risk - either standard or counter. TI play out of defence (with GK PI). Looking at my roles (and the fact that most teams should
  2. I've had zero issues partnering a DLF with an AF and having the DLF drop deep. Are you sure you weren't missing anything glaring that could have made your striker play like an AF? I find it weird. How often was it actually happening? What's his PPMs? Average position? Have you switched the BBM to his side? What was his off the ball rating? Teamwork/ Workrate? Also, duude, what sort of a squad have you assembled? I'm not having a dig.
  3. I didn't know where to put this! How about a sticky of threads which emulate real life tactics? I know I'm always searching the forum for historic tactics and such and I can't always find them, it'd be nice to just be able to check a sticky for the style I wanted to read about. Maybe up to the discretion of the moderating staff as to what gets added. I'm thinking threads like Barcelona my interpretation, Sacchi, the magical magyars thread that kind of thing. There's a lot of great threads which are long off the first page.
  4. What about when teams give you the ball? The mentality plus the supporting roles will allow, I think, you to dominate possession and start probing. You have wide midfielders offering a bit of width, a box to box really pushing forward, a wing back with a bit of license and a deep striker. The rest of the team, I shouldn't think they stretch the opposition too much (or only in very low risk situations (how frequent are these?)?)? Is that enough to consistently beat the poorer teams? How many 0-0's do you have, or how many 0-0's were you on course for before you tinkered, although I saw that 99%
  5. That's disappointing but thanks for the reply THoG! You've probably saved me a lot of frustration!
  6. Tell that to Pep! Oh is it just a with the ball movement? Do they do it off the ball, for example stay in a central area when your play advances further forward or drift wider? I know they'll go back to the more standard FB position when the opposition win the ball back.
  7. Maybe not a stupid question really, but are inverted wingbacks working as they should be yet?
  8. I don't think this is a stupid question, but I don't think it merits an actual thread of its own. I want to know what the most common formation is. I don't mean from the player, from the AI manager. This probably varies from league to league but it would be great if some research has been done on this topic. The reason I ask is that I want to play reactively, and set up to exploit the majority of formations. Exploit is a strong word, but all I mean is for example to play 352 against 442. Three tactics or the three most common formations would be ideal.
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