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  1. That was a fantastic read. Well done for sticking out a save as Celtic for so long!
  2. I've just been taking a closer look at the DM(S) role and it looks to be extremely flexible and may give me what I want- and I'll trust you that the area between the four players will be covered. It's just that rectangular slither that I'm worried about - but two more conservative roles in there should zonally block the passing lanes. DM(S) (possibly adding hold position and conservative passing shouts if needed) DM(S) + get further forward
  3. Interesting. I never use players in the DM zone when playing a 4-2-3-1. I'm not a fan of how they defend alongside each other in front of two central defenders. The area that I want to protect is the gap between the defenders that a lone DM will plug. The trouble is I haven't found a work around as of yet without moving away from a 4-2-3-1 formation and it usually gets scrapped for a 4-1-2-2-1. I like a holder in the CM zone and the best results have been with a CM(D) or a DLP(D) but both do things I don't want - the CM closes down more than I want and a DLP attracts the ball. I want a proper bottle carrier in that position who acts like an anchor man. One who will just hold his position and watch for counter attacks letting my other CM off the leash.
  4. Nothing worse in this type of save! Thankfully you've had a few good ones. How are the coefficients looking?
  5. Where's the fanfare for 10IAR??? Excellent progress. What are your long-term goals for the save? How far do you think you can take them?
  6. Yep odd. I'd have said Hampden. Very expensive too but the big one for me is 75,000 seats. I like that it's a nice round number but another 1000 would have made it bigger than Old Trafford...
  7. The squad is seriously injury prone! That's a few now for Dembele too, anything in his report about being injury prone? Get a decent striker through and get him sold! I got £25m and 10% of next sale for him (Lazio so a chance for another step up) in mine but it did leave me very short up front. Not sure about the International job... if it was me I'd say no (not yet).
  8. Excellent progress just a shame about these injuries! Excellent results in Europe! How is the coefficient? Must be close to the next youth intake too? There's massive pressure in a game like this at a club like Celtic. You are expected to win week in week out, title, cups, Europe and win well. You've managed to retain the core team a lot better than me but those injuries add another layer of pressure. Suddenly you need to keep winning with the young players because to not win is out of the question. The problem being that the young players you start with don't have the right attributes to excel from the start (and you don't have time to shape them) and a poor intake again ramps up the pressure, this time on keeping the top players at the club (and fit). Lose a player or two and the other players start to moan about depth - if they're not already moaning about playing time or new contracts. The you have a moaning (not quite unhappy) squad full of holes being plugged by inexperience with ever increasing expectations. It's tough! Excellent read though keep it up!
  9. Oosh unlucky!! Edit: You're not alone in the poor intakes, 1 3.5 star AM with a rubbish personality and no technical ability, a very mediocre 3 star CB, a 2.5 star GK and the rest <2 star. Proper rubbish! That's with an improvement to junior coaching too (I know that's CA not PA but still everyone was under 1 star CA). Edit 2: One was called Phil McCracken though
  10. I'd just like to post and say how much I've enjoyed reading the last two pages and I'm sorry you aren't posting anymore. I found your views very articulate and considered. A return to Sutton was probably a mistake. I'm sure you wrote earlier that you wouldn't go back and try to repeat your success so I thought that was a weird move - although I can certainly see why you were tempted. I understand a lot about what you say and definitely feel your frustration at being torn between what team to pick and constantly flicking between a few options. My attention span is very limited and I get so angry and disappointed at myself for quitting and starting again. I haven't had a save last more than two seasons for a few editions and my longest save is not much more than that despite putting in a huge number of hours. Mostly for reasons that you mention too like tactical inconsistencies due to reading about and watching real football - Napoli are playing wonderful stuff I'll have a go at that.. no wait Atletico are the team to beat I want to do that instead. Sometimes it's about nailing your colours to the mast and playing the game your way. You're right to remember that it is only a game and there's much more to life so maybe having a step back is the right thing to do. However, if you do fancy another save (which if you're anything like me you will) I think you're on the right lines picking teams that matter to you and going in with a plan. There's a plethora of bigger clubs in your area if they take your fancy for something a bit different, I'm only musing but bring Pompey back to the top using youth? Would cut out your transfer woes. Gillingham maybe? Whatever you choose to do it has to be your decision and be well thought out. If this thread is revived I'll be sure to give it a read but do what's best for you.
  11. Great stuff so far keep it up! You've inspired me to start a similar game. Thanks for the link to the file.
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