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  1. Don't forget guys we have also signed a already injured Wilshere and Diaby.
  2. Scored 15 league goals so far and has been instrumental in Milan's play but goes missing in games against the likes of Inter and Juventus, so usual really. Also been suspended in Serie A for slapping someone, whether that will effect his performance I don't know.
  3. Yeah I got Yann M'Vila so it means I have to drop Wilshere or Ramsey which is a bit annoying as I would like to play both, and at the same time don't want to drop Song. Couldn't resist signing him though, will probably get Hazard as well. Also can anyone recommend me a CB? I tried to get a world class CB in Thiago Silva but Milan wanted a crazy amount of money for him so I gave up, just looking for a decent backup for Kos and Vermaelen as I sold Mertesacker and only have Djourou as backup.
  4. How do you guys play Aaron Ramsey and RVP? I've tried various instructions for the both of them but neither are playing to what they are capable of.
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