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  1. I'm on the forum to learn and not to complain but i tend to agree with the OP. I didn't found a sufficently telling exemple (prefering to think that is bad luck) until today. A decent player (no finishing stats below 13) had 6 CCC in a single game witheout any goal. Here is the video : This kind of games happens too often for me. Furthermore, i'm pretty sure that the conversion ratio in the analysis tab is not a ratio between CCC and goals. (Maybe a ratio between key passes and CCC ?)
  2. After reading the topic, this is the first time in 3 years of FM that I don't choose the Red Star FC to start a game... And the least we can say is that I'm really not disappointed. First season, no transfer, except the sale of Rolando to make room for Kamara who progressing at a blazing speed (thanks to the tutoring of Rami). And this 2 unreal games .. My end of season will be exciting for sure.
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