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Management when your team has no games - Let time pass

Delicate Dave

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Problem - You are in the middle of the season or in close-season so you have no game. As a FM game player you need time to pass before then next game. But as a football manager you also need to do your job, so you'll most likely be scouting other players and researching your own players. But as it is now do this in FM24 time stands still. The only way to start time is to click continue or go on holiday. Why can't we have the option to let time pass while the manager continues to manage? Would this be a good idea, an option for the game player? 

So the idea being,  while your players are away on international duty you are still working and don't need to click continue to get the days to move forward. Take it a bit further you could set up a process where you choose to watch the international games your players are playing in or players on your shortlist.


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