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Suggestions - Managers, Stadiums, Newgens


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Managers - I'd love the ability to play as a current Manager ie. Continue Arteta's work at Arsenal or take Leverkusen to the next level as Alonso before taking the Madrid job etc.  

Stadiums - With Unity engine I wonder if it'd be possible to have either licensed, accurate Stadiums or even a Stadium Designer/Editor suite for the match engine sort of like the old LMA Manager games had. Would be great to have my Arsenal team play in The Emirates or be able to edit it to look accurate or have a small club work their way up to play Champions League in my custom designed 80k seater etc. 

Newgens - The CGI Newgens are horrific and ruin the longevity of the game for me. Please implement AI tech to give Newgens realistic human faces. I know it can be done already but it's a headache mapping the faces and such. Be way more convenient if it was automatic. 

Just my two/three cents. 

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