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[Discussion] A drop-down list of the squad is added in the Comparison screen.


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To make this clear, here is the pathway of the screen I am talking about: Squad Planner > Report > Comparison.

Since this compares the attribute average of the squad compared to the rest of the league, let us select an individual player that we would be interested into comparing with the rest of the league.

I ask for this because:

1) Currently we can only filter between goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers. Given the specificity of roles in football this is too wide a scope.

2) Makes it easier to do a direct comparison of a player and the rest of the league rather than trying to memorise their attributes.

3) Makes it easier to focus on attributes that are relevant for the role the player has in the team.

4) Football Manager may include a player who the manager considers a midfielder as a defender and it would skew the data and misrepresent the squad quality.

5) Makes it easier to compare the quality against league average of a squad player vs an important player for the team.


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