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Visible RPG style Dialogue options dependent on Manager Attributes

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We are aware of Manager Attributes' impact on Player Interactions, Board Requests, Motivation, etc. Now, it might also be interesting if we were clearly shown that some conversation options are only available because we have certain high attributes.

For example, some dialogue options could only be available if you have high Determination, Discipline, Man Management or Motivation, and shown in the interface in such a way that Managers are made aware their Manager attributes really matter.

Attribute-dependent dialogue could affect Board Requests, Player Interactions, Media Interactions and Team Talks. You can play around with these options and have great fun creating them, while making the game's role playing mechanics much deeper.

What difference would it make?

  • It would add role playing flavour
  • Make responses seem less repetitive
  • Important and impactful especially if you start without badges and level up as you play
  • It would give your Manager a sense of growth as a character
  • Make attribute-dependent dialogue have more impact
  • It might also be an incentive to "try out different manager builds" (styles) in a true RPG manner
  • It is an easier way to overhaul the current dialogue system without completely rewriting it

Some examples of what it could look like:

  • Passed Man Management and Determination checks:




  • Passed Level of Discipline check:



  • Passed Man Management and failed Determination check:



  • Failed Level of Discipline check:




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