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[Suggestion] Optional Trainning Mode for future FM


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Greetings, I am writing to tell you what I expect from the next FOOTBALL MANAGER.

(I published this game mode idea on the FMsite and Sport Interactive forums in 2016).

I have been playing Football Manager since 2005, before that I played Championship Manager and before that I played PC Fútbol, I have also tried EA Sport, LMA and several online games, among others.
I start by telling you that because in general, what I liked least about all of them has been the approach on how to train your team, and this is where I tell you what I expect from the training section of a FOOTBALL MANAGER.
What I hope is to be able to directly control each attribute and not for a type of training to influence those attributes to a greater or lesser extent. It won't be more real, but it is more fun and above all more playable. This type of training would be an OPTIONAL game mode that is chosen when you are in the process of choosing a league and team. Borrow from role-playing games, the way to evolve your characters/players.


- I would like to click on the attribute directly and have it increase its value. This value will be affected in time (duration of rise in days or weeks) by the youth of the player, the other attributes that are related, the trainers, the sports facilities or the physical condition of the player himself.
- Attributes will be positively affected by what happens during the matches, such as scoring goals, surpassing your rival, goal from a free kick, unbeaten goalkeeper, % of passes, % of crosses, match won, etc...
- Attributes will be negatively affected by what happens during the matches, such as injuries, cards, own goals, being surpassed by your rival, % of bad passes, % of lost balls, etc...
- Everything would be done thanks to TRAINING POINTS, all of the above generates points that can be distributed or administered on each attribute and each player in the Training Table. Coaches and training facilities also generate points.

I would also like more visual aids both before, during and after a game.

- In the PRE-MATCH, I imagine a coach's football board where you can see your team and the opponent's at all times superimposed (ghost) and your second coach shows you the comparison between rival players and their attributes, which What would happen to those attributes, tactics and players if you changed a player's position or role; all this visually, whether in percentages, graphs, animations, etc...

- In the POST-MATCH, I imagine a coach's soccer board where the second coach shows you where a player should be and what attributes a player needed to improve in the play of the goal against or the bad pass or the loss of the ball; what playing instructions or shouts could have been used to avoid bad plays, what tactic would have been best, the moment a player failed a given instruction, why they lost their position or why they are not comfortable with the alignment or role. Tips to improve or avoid mistakes, whether by changing tactics, training, talking or signing.

In LIVE matches. See when the players make their “FAVORITE PLAYS and the combination of those plays between players, it could be a slight circular glow on the feet or on the ball during its journey and that the sports announcers comment on them. Being able to move position players, change their role and instructions on a stationary 2D mini field to one side of the main game.

Improve the space around the soccer field so that the windows do not cover the field.
Improve the location and display of the second coach's comments. The second coach's comments supported visually.

IN GENERAL, this is personal opinion and perception regarding training and information display during the game.
When a player changes position, when strategies are shouted or when values are increased in training, I do not see changes on the field of play, I do not see that they pass better, that shots on goal improve, that they win more disputes for the ball , etc... I don't see a true evolution of the players on the field, which is in the end what I hope for. I would like this improvement or deterioration to be more noticeable and above all, to show that the other team plays better, not make mine play worse or stop doing what they already knew how to do. It is not normal for them to unlearn so drastically.


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