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[FM24] Youth Player Project

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Im going to be bringing this challenge back from the dead.


Every year, you get a new youth intake. The AssMan singles out the best of them.

My aim is to take this player, whoever they may be, and track their career.


Dont edit your players, but other than that, have fun!

If you want to, mark a loaned out season with a "*".

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Poole Town - 2025/26 Update


Kristoffer Jorgensen (USA)


2025-26: 5 Goals - 2 Assists

Not a great first season (he had 42 Appearances) but not the worst

Steve Tomlinson (ENG)


Doesn’t look like he’s all that good, currently our 3rd string keeper.

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Poole Town 2026/27 Update


Kristoffer Jorgensen - ST (USA)


2025/26 - 37 Caps - 5 Goals

2026/27 - 48 Caps - 11 Goals

A better season.

Steve Tomlinson - GK (ENG)


2026/27 - 7 Caps - 3 Shutouts

Didn’t play all too much

Matthew Morgan - AMC (WAL)


I don’t use a CAM so probably won’t be playing much.

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