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[Wordpress] Lump Kickers Anonymous - Blogging Saves and Let's Plays in the Football Manager World

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I'm Little Miss Lump Kicker and I have a website Lump Kickers Anonymous where I blog about my saves — a little bit of creative writing mixed in with Football Manager. There's been a few saves up there, and elsewhere, that I've since taken down.

I've started a new save to document my time in my Celtic Nations' League. This is a custom database where all the Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Northern Irish teams are put in one tiered system. You can find out more about it — and download it — in the Editors Hideaway, as well as on the Steam Workshop. All the usual stuff like youth recruitment works like normal. There's leagues and various cups. There's youth cups and youth leagues (and of course youth teams.) All the teams qualify for Europe out of this one league system. The teams involved range from Celtic and Rangers, the ugly sisters, and other Scottish teams, all through Bohemians, Waterford and Galway United in Ireland, Glentoran in the north of Ireland, down through Wales with Bala and TNS, to the very lowest levels with Abertillery Bluebirds.

In my save I — Stephanie Wolle — have taken over Athlone, as a 30 year old, new manager. Athlone are in the Tunnock's League Three, the fifth tier in the Celtic Nations' Leagues. They probably have the most cups to take part in outside of teams in Europe — if they can go far in them. The board wants automatic promotion the first season, and another promotion again within another few years. Money is tight, and not all positions are covered. And I'm sure our favourite Aritificial Game Intelligence that is Football Manager will throw up other problems.

You can find the first episode in the story here — New Beginnings For Four Nations — and a continuing blog showcasing my time as manager as well as giving insight into a database I put a huge amount of work into.

Stephanie Wolle.png

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Post number two is up on my Lump Kickers Anonymous site Celtic Nations' League - Starting With Some Bangs.

It features the pre-season in the Tunnock's League Three with Athlone, as well as our first three competitive games; two games in the League and one in the Irish Cup/Kingspan Cup, which is competed for between all the Irish and Northern Irish teams. There's another cup in the DB competed for between all the Scottish and Welsh teams — The New Parliament Cup.

Enjoy reading!

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