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[Suggestion FM 2.0 (future FM)] - Manager Stress

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One of the problems with long-term games is that when you stabilize as the best club in a league it is impossible to lose. You are already the leader. In real life, staying at the top is much more difficult than getting there.

Another problem is that it is easier to play with big clubs than with small ones. In real life, it is much more difficult to manage a large club than it is to manage a small club.

Therefore, I bring a proposal for a system based on Stress (short-term fatigue) and Exhaustion (long-term fatigue).


How would it work?

(short-term fatigue)

"Stress" would be generated by the day-to-day workload of the work done and the pressure that it generates.
If you start to feel stress this will hinder your abilities as a manager, decreasing your attributes.

* Pressure: The reputation of the club will generate the pressure that the manager will receive. The greater the club's reputation, the more "Stress points" it will generate for the manager.
(The idea behind this is to reflect how difficult it is to run a large club that has the attention of the press giving its opinion, a massive public that will give its opinion on Twitter and criticize every decision, etc. compared to small clubs which do not have that pressure and the managers operate calmly without so many people questioning their decisions)
* Work: the more tasks you do yourself, the more stress you would have. On the contrary, the more tasks you delegate to your staff, the fewer "stress points" you would generate.
(The idea behind this is to give more importance to the work of your staff, and that the fact of doing too many things is reflected in fatigue in your manager).
* Changing room: a complicated dressing room, with many fights and that is against you would also generate stress points.

The determination attribute (the ability to deal with pressure) would determine your manager's ability to deal with that stress.
If the manager has level 20 in determination, he will add fewer stress points. If your manager has 1 in determination, he will be very permeable to pressure and will add many pressure points.

"Stress" would have several categories that would be reached as you add "Stress points":
Let's say from 1 to 10, with 1 being the calmest level, and 10 being the most tense.
When you reach a certain level of stress this will be reflected in your behavior, negatively affecting the attributes of your manager.

For example:
Level 1: +1 to all attributes (The manager is fresh and encouraged by having a good campaign)
Level 2: no effect
Level 3: -1 to all attributes
Level 4: -2 to all attributes
Level 5: -3 to all attributes

Lev 6: -4 to all attributes
Lev7: -5 to all attributes (plus long-term points)
Lev8: -6 to all attributes (plus long-term points)
Lev9: -8  to all attributes (plus long-term points)
Lev10: -10 to all attributes (plus long-term points)

You could reduce stress if you: take vacations. For each day resting you would deduct stress points. For example: If you take 2 weeks off after finishing the season you could return to the starting point. If you rest for a weekend, you could reduce several stress points.

When you reach the highest levels of stress, you begin to generate long-term fatigue points ("exhaustion"). Those fatigue points cannot be decreased.
Could be:
Level 7: +1 point per day of exhaustion
Level 8: +3 points per day of exhaustion
Level 9: +5 point per day of exhaustion
Level 10: +7 points per day of exhaustion


(LONG-term fatigue)

"Exhaustion" It will be generated as time passes, and will be felt in long-term games managing the same club.
It will also begin to have a negative effect on your attributes as a manager.

Exhaust points cannot be decreased and will accumulate over time. They are the points generated by high levels of stress.

The idea here is that there are also levels of "Exhaustion" that generate long-term repercussions as your manager reaches those levels of long-term exhaustion.

If you change clubs, the Exhaustion level is reset and goes directly back to zero.
(In this way, the aim is to reflect the fatigue of managers with being in the same club for the long term, as happened recently with Klopp).

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 it is easier to play with big clubs than with small ones. In real life, it is much more difficult to manage a large club than it is to manage a small club.

I agree with this part very much, it's easy to manage a big club. But, how would a casual player like it? The game's way of handling difficulty is just that - you want a difficult experience - choose a lower league club with terrible finances.

That's why I always start in the lower leagues - that way you get more content and play time, more space to progress.


a system based on Stress (short-term fatigue) and Exhaustion (long-term fatigue).

Very Crusader Kings 3 - like. The mechanic is also in FM for NPCs in form of attributes like Pressure, Important Matches, Professionalism, Determination, Temperament and Consistency (and even Fatigue, though I guess that's a physical attribute), but not for the human "Manager" in such an explicit way.
Would you suggest adding another mental attribute for the human manager that would govern those modifiers or having it connected to existing attributes?

Also, in terms of releasing stress...winning games could release stress, winning big games could release A LOT of stress, successful interactions, team talks, etc. could release it. I don't know about taking vacations mid-season, not sure if I've ever heard of an employed manager doing that.

In general, I think the simpler it is - the better, since the game is played by a very wide variety of people with varying interests, preferences and amounts of time to play it.

It should feel as rewarding as detrimental, so you would need ways in which the mechanic would feel rewarding when you do things correctly, just like it is detrimental if you handle it incorrectly. (Edit: For example, if high stress / going red gives you attribute debuffs, does low stress and going green give you equal buffs and increase in attributes? 10 points + or - seems a lot on the scale of 1-20)

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Added stuff and fixed stuff.
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If this is added, then go on holiday could be divided into two: go on holiday (meaning you will not take care of any team training) and simulate forward (meaning you will train the players).

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