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FM22 Darwinian Tactic Creation (experiment)

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I've decided to run an experiment in tactics creation where I started with a blank canvas 4-2-3-1 with no instructions and automatic player roles. I'm using Almere City and playing the first game of the season (at Jong AZ) ten times with the same line-up and same initial team talk, recording the stats and using them to make tweaks to the tactic. Then I'll use the new tactic to play the same exact game another ten times, and use those results to make more tweaks. So far I've done two adjustments, and will continue to do this further tonight.

I understand that 10 is not a huge sample size, and that ultimately I'll end up with a tactic that is specifically suited for the 11 selected players against the specific opponent that I'm playing, but once I'm happy with that tactic I plan to run a season with it ten times and see where it goes from there.

The second adjusted tactic (v2.0) was interesting because it felt a lot worse than v1, but statistically actually appears to be better, and the worse results look like they are caused by individual players simply having a bad game (making mistakes, disappearing up front, horrible finishing). It also ended up drawing relatively a lot of penalties (I think 3 or 4 in 10 playthroughs). I felt like I made too many changes at once, and it's making it hard to tell what's having what effect, but I'm excited to see where this project goes.


Screenshot 2024-01-30 092122.png

Screenshot 2024-01-30 092156.png

Screenshot 2024-01-30 092242.png


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I would love to hear other people's observations and ideas based on what they see so far

Edit: Also changed Hammouti from WB(S) to WB(A)

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