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Problem with Salary in European Leagues (Signing Free Agents)

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Hello together, 

I am using EHM Beta 1.5 and the updatet Databases of TBL or the xECK29x Premier Pivot Rosters for the Season 23/24. With both Databases i have got the same Problem and no idea how to solve it. 

The Salaries in the european Leagues seem to be really unrealistic and low. For the Players who are already in the Roster i have found a Solution thanks to another Thread in this Forum and unchecked the Salary balance Option before i start the game to get the Salaries from the DB. 

Unfortunately there is another Problem i could not solve until now. If i want to sign a Free Agent (right after the beginning of the Game), the Player asks for a very small Salary although he would be a Star in my Team and in the League. 


Does anyone else got this Problem and knows how to solve? 


Greetings from Germany an thank you for your help. 

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