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The FM24 Golden Oldies Challenge

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I’m continuing where I left off last year.

The Aim:

Starting with an unplayable team, win the Champions League of whatever continent you want signing only players 30 or older

The Reset Dates:

Andorra -

Argentina - 

Austria - 


Belgium - 

Bulgaria  - 

Brazil - 

Chile - 

China - 

Croatia - 

Czech Republic - 

Denmark - 

England - June 24th, save on May 20th for different teams.

Faroe Islands - 

Finland - 

France  - 

Germany - 

Greece -

Hungry - 

Iceland - 

Indonesia - 

Israel - 

Italy - 

Mexico - 

Northern Ireland - 

Norway - 

Poland - 

Portugal - 

Romania -

Scotland - 

Serbia - 

Slovenia -

Slovakia – 

South Africa -

Spain - 

Sweden - 

Switzerland - 

Turkey - 

Ukraine - 

Uruguay -

Wales - 



Database can be whatever size you want.

Attribute Masking is optional

No In-Game Editors

Extended Databases can only be used to add leagues to the game.


Getting Started:

Make sure to tick "Disable use of the In-Game Editor". Everything else is up to you

If you can, add players from the unplayable leagues to make sure you have some starting players.

Once you begin, add yourself as an unemployed manager.

Then, Go on holiday to the league reset dates.

After you finish, retire your manager

Add a new manager to the game with the lowest qualifications and reputation (No coaching badges and sunday league)

Choose a newly promoted team of your choice


Rules for playing the challenge:

No players under the age of 30 can be signed

If you are sacked, you can either restart or sim till the league reset date and start again

Again, no save editors allowed.

Signing players under 30 that are grey or on trial is also not allowed

You can use extended databases, but only to add league systems not found in the game


Rules for the thread:

Screenshots are highly encouraged

Progress of your club should be document using this thread, even if you feel your team hasn't done good

Player naming is allowed


Anything else is optional. Good luck and I hope to see some people here on this challenge!

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