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[FM2024] Time Walker


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I am, Kurt Morningstar, and I will tell you my story.

October 29, 2023 - Manchester England.

At 7:30 in the morning I woke up at the Old Trafford Stadium Hotel. I wore my beloved Manchester United t-shirt, my jeans and my favorite adidas.

I went down from the room and helped myself to a nice breakfast. Today I feel with faith. Today we beat City and we will gain momentum for the rest of the season. Today I have faith, we will revive United's power, we will leave the bad results behind. Today we have to show that Manchester is red.

The game starts at 3:30. Until then, I'm going to clear my head, I'm going to the zoo. I'll write again after the game.


I am, Kurt Morningstar, and I will tell you my story.

October 29, 2023 - Manchester England.

It's five in the afternoon and I'm devastated. This wasn't how I thought the day would go, today was going to be very different, today we were going to paint Manchester red. Instead we get three bananas without an answer and the season only gets worse.

We have a cup in 3 days, again at home, against Newcastle. I'm staying here in Manchester instead of going home to Brighton.

I am, Kurt Morningstar, and I will tell you my story.

■■ In my 31 years of age, I always remember loving Manchester United. Two years ago I got my national C license thinking about one day becoming a football coach. I would like to one day be at least half of what the great Sir Alex Ferguson was. ■■

When leaving the stadium, the only place I wanted to go was to the pub. And so I did. The derby was all that was talked about, between beers and shots of tequilla there was talk about the tragedy of these last years of our Man United.

Hours passed. My head was already spinning. I decided to stop there and say goodbye.

Dark night enveloped the city. The noise of the lights dazzles my eyes, my legs are wobbly.

I enter a dark street to take a shortcut to the hotel, my legs can't stand it and I fall to the ground.

And on this ground is where my adventure begins, not just any adventure, an adventure of a time traveler.

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