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New to editing, Working my streams into youtube videos!

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Howdy howdy, I am smiling solaris and I have been streaming FM for a year. After 1600 hours I have finally won my first championship as Karlslunds in sweden (First division south bay bay!). After my team went professional I decided to go professional in a sense as well. Not basing my livelihood on FM, I am just a smol stream boy. But I have started editing the streams into ~30 minute videos, keeping up with whats happening and uploading them same day as the stream. 


This is my first venture into video editing so I am mainly looking for feedback. Cuts too long, too short, too many, not enough. Do you feel any infomation is missing for the continuity of the video. That kinda stuff. I'd appreciate any kind of eyes and words on it.


Thank you if you do, and Thank you if you don't




I chose this one to start as I feel its the best one so far <3

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