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[1.5.0b1669120] EHM - Save Game Crashes On Transition From April 30 to May 1

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My save file crashes without an error message when the game moves from April 30 2035 to May 1 2035 - I have tried rolling back a couple of autosaves to the one from February but even then the crash still occurs, and whether or not I am on vacation makes no difference. I have uploaded the save file, which has the game date April 21 2035, under the filename "krakencrashtest_2.sav". The save is on the latest version of the public beta and uses the Steam Workshop database "(2020-2021) xECK29x's Premier Pivot Database (v.5.6.2 - 1.5 Beta Ready, Final for 2020-21) DB.

To reproduce:
Load save game "krakencrashtest_2.sav"

- Continue the game to April 30 2035 EVE, then attempt to continue to May 1 2035

- The game will crash

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