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[FM21] FM Editor History may have been made - I successfully created a custom competition that qualifies for another custom competition!


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I don't know if this has been done before on any version of FM, and I'm really proud of it. You know how you have to win or be a runner up in the Champions League to get into the Club World Cup in the game? Well, I've figured out how to create that scenario by only using custom competitions. I know what you might be thinking - whats the big deal? Well I have never seen anyone talk about this or share any advice on how to do it. But now that we know this is possible, this really opens up the game. We can now make a lot of supercups and various cup winners vs cup winners competitions that weren't really possible before and we can now make various qualifying tournaments as well.

I first created the World League. It's an international champions league and it's a hard one. The winner of the World League and the winner of the Club World Cup qualify for what I call "The Undisputed World Championship". In case those winners are the same, I checked the options to use the runner-ups as backups, which I highly recommend doing if you try this.

So how is it done exactly? It's a hard one to put together. First, you have to have a competition opened up and created. That should obviously be saved. You then need to create the second competition, and I would recommend saving this competition under a different name so you don't mess up your first competition. You then have to go into Advanced Rules and it should say "Show Rules for (insert your competition name here)". Underneath It should say "List" then "International Competitions" below, then "Competitions" below that. It should show your first competition. You then have to press "add" in the big frame and choose your 2nd custom competition. You have to be in Basic Rules to get into International Rules, but you will probably already be in Advanced Rules. So you will lose a lot of data when you switch and will have to put it back in.

The "Show Rules for" section is basically going to be your best friend here. That's where you can switch between the two competitions. You have to fill out the advanced rules for your 2nd custom comp and you have to select your teams that you will put in it. At this stage is where the game will recognize the first custom competition to be added in the second custom competition. It gets a little tricky because you are already in advanced rules and are under international rules for the first custom competition, and you do have to revert to basic rules to make sure the host is correct. Doing this also will likely reset the teams in both competitions, so you will likely have to fill out the teams again. However, you just have to keep checking it if any errors come up and you should be eventually be able to get in. The big part is just getting the 2nd competition to appear under "International Competitions". You should also consider setting the custom competition to have its first match the year after you get the winners of the first two competitions, because depending on when you chose to start the game at advanced set-up, the competition may not have a winner to pull from if it didn't happen yet. Also do make sure to select the option to use runners ups and 3rd place finishers as backups as it is possible a team could win both competitions. One other important thing to remember is that if the editor comes up with an error, it's because there's an error somewhere. Don't fight it, just fix it.

This whole thing took multiple hours of testing, but I'm happy with the finished product. I also figured out how to add custom trophy images this week so you can also create your own trophy to go with it.

NOTE - I am no expert at this and may not be able to help with every situation, but I wanted to show that this can be done.

The attached images are:

Competitions - Shows where to add the 2nd custom competition.

Proof 1 - Shows the game for the 2022 Undisputed World Championship which is Atletico Madrid(World League Champs) vs Paris SG(Club World Champs)

Proof 2 - Shows Athletico Madrid winning the 2021 Club World Cup to Qualify

Proof 3 - Shows Paris SG winning the 2021 World League to qualify





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I wanted to report that I have also been able to successfully make a custom competition where the entrants were winners of two separate custom competitions. It works the same way as my previous attempt with this. You can load a custom competition from an editor file, and then you have to create the 2nd competition. Then you create the 3rd competition(which the first two competition winners qualify for). The only bad part is that you have to go to the basic rules at some point to get to the international rules, and when you do that, it will clear out some of the competition settings like prize money and teams. The other thing is that the 3rd competition seems to have to start in 2022, or else it may say there aren't enough qualified teams, though this may be due to my own errors in the set-up.

I attached my save file in case anyone wants to have a look at it or use it.

NOTE -  I named this competition the same thing as the one above:


Football WC + World League SaveV1.1.fmf

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