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In the next FM id really like to see the player interaction massively improved. There are so many broken aspects or very limited opportunities to interact properly with your players.

  •  So i fined hakimi for having a 6.0 game but i cant say anything about the match i fined him for. All options are for recent matches not the specific one in question. Now this has led him to be unhappy because of the fine. There is nowhere to say that 'ive fined you for the last game because of poor performance' or something more specific for the last match. Its took him ages to become happy again and also morale was terrible for a while aswell. Surely these types of interactions can include a whole range of answers on why he got fined ?


  • I criticised Tammy Abraham him for not scoring, he hasnt scored in 11 games and again no option to say something like youve not scored in the last X amount of games. Now he's unhappy and theres no way around to try and fix it, just 2 answers that really dont help in any way. 


When a player is unhappy about wanting a new contract and you choose the end of season option on the contract page he is still unhappy all the way through to the end of the season. He's agreed a new one so why is he still unhappy ? He should surely be happy that either a new contract has been signed or happy that he's agreed a new deal for the end of season. 

The board want to me to develop the best youth development in the country and in the world. How can this be possible when they turn down any requests to improve the youth facilites even though i have 300+ mil in the bank, met every objective for the season and have very good youth coaches. The board are now dissapointed that the youth development isnt the best.

In future FM's could we be able to take control of the youth academy set up, like having to choose a certain amount of countries from around the world for big clubs to set up academies in and certain areas of a country your managing in for smaller clubs and that changes as you progress. Then it is soley down to you the manager to meet this objective.

One of my wonderkids had a loan offer, i rejected it and now he's unhappy, no option on the conversation screen to say that he will feature in the 1st team this season so he can stay and play at Chelsea rather than going to Oxford on loan. This is really annoying because it damages his morale and if its bad enough he may request to leave if the same promise is broken.

Overall id really like to see the conflicting interactions fixed, more interactions between managers, more wider ranged interactions with players and more man management. 

I feel each year this is overlooked whilst more and more is added to the game. I'll keep updating this topic if i come across any more bad interactions. Would be very interested if anyone else comes across anything similar.





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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback on aspects you believe we should improve on. We appreciate you taking the time to input your feedback as well as to find examples. If you want player interactions to have any specific changes/features feel free to create a new thread in this forum and try to give more details on what specifically you want to bring in as well as what you may think we need to improve on. As always with feature requests they may be rejected or may end up with further development in a future release.

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