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[FM20] English Football League MLS Style Database - problem or not?


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Hi there,

so I've created a database for English Football League, using similar system to MLS (for Premier League). Basically there are 32 teams in Premier League, which are split into two groups. I set all play-offs after regular season, etc.

Now the fun thing is that when I verify league rules in editor everything seems fine, I got an confirmation that all rules are done well, and everything is great. Yet when I run a "game test" in editor I receive notification that something shady is going on with promotion/relegation in League One and League Two.

Then I thought ok let me test file in FM 20 then, so I've set all things up, start game unemployed, then go for one year holiday, and to my surprise everything seems fine after this time. All leagues promotions, and relegations are done well.

So I would like some expert to take a look at this file, and tell me what's going on here.

Also would be really grateful with help or even if some nice person could already add the "infamous" MLS "six games against opponents from outside conference".

Thank you for all responses and help.


English Football League MLS Style FM 20 testi.fmf

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