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Scout Ratings for Existing Players / Youth Prospects


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Hey there, so when joining a new club it would be good (I believe) if your scouts could give your current players a rating out of 100 like they do for any new players you scout. My thinking is that if I sell a player, my scouts will immediately put a score against that player out of 100, so why can't they do that when a player is already at the club?

I would much rather keep a 4* player that's got 90-100 rating rather than a 5* that would only have, say, 50-60 rating. 

It would make clearing out a club so much easier and I could ensure I only keep the players that would fit the system I want. I understand there's friendlies and stuff you can use to test players, but if you join mid season, I don't want to waste time with trail and error. Yes I could just lump all the top rated players into the starting XI, but if they won't work well together, what's the point?

Similarly, when youth prospects come through, it would be good to know their ratings. Yes, I could have a player with great potential, but what good would it do me/him if he doesn't fit my style? I'd rather know I'm spending time nurturing players I will use in the future rather than just aim for all the 5* prospects.

In summary, your scouts (or someone at least) should be able to provide you with a score /100 for the current crop of players and youth intakes at your club. 

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