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Fully Homegrown Database


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Hi all!


I had an idea for a save: It is to have every single player (or at least every player loaded into the game) be transferred back to the club that they were trained at. On top of that, every single club would have a transfer embargo for a virtually unlimited period of time (something like 200 years). That way, it's the most pure form of homegrown save possible. 


I am wondering if there is a database like this floating out there.


My guess is there probably isn't. So, in that case, I am wondering if there are any ways to speed up the editing process for making this kind of database. Ideally, there would be a way to sort players by which club they were homegrown at and then use the group edit feature. But, I can't see a way in the pre-game editor to accomplish this.


So, my best tactic right now is literally to go through every single player of note and use the in-game editor to give them a free transfer to the club they were trained at. This is, of course, kind of a ridiculous way to do it, so I am wondering if anyone has any advice. Thanks!

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