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Cannot loan more than one player - Vanarama National league

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i have loaned one player and the game tells me i have exceeded the six loans per season limit when we have loaned just one all season. Therefore all loans are cancelled. Team is Fylde and season is 21/22. Incidentally the season before i arrived they loaned 5 players which i believe are being wrongly included with the one i have loaned this season to make the 6. However league rule is six long term. Also the loans i am trying to make are short term anyway since it is mid season. Save is basically ruined since i have to get loans to survive. JUST TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR - THE CLUB HAS ONLY MADE ONE LOAN ALL SEASON YET THE GAME JUST TELLS ME I HAVE EXCEEDED 6 PLAYER LIMIT. I AM LOANING FROM DIFFERENT CLUBS SO ITS NOT the no more than 2 from any one club issue. I believe the game has included LAST SEASONS loans in THIS SEASON WHICH IS TOTALLY WRONG.

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