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Are you a non-league footballer who played your entire semi-pro career for Halifax town? And now you're trying to work your way to the top of the game as a manager? OR... are you a Stevie G / Frank Lampard type manager - you had the wonderful career, and now your mere name opens doors for you across the globe of football?


Either way you play, my proposal is for their to be an ability to build a background for our manager. Using the age we choose and the club/clubs we would like to have played for... creates a database of our previous winnings. Maybe you played for real Madrid and made X amount of appearances and won (All trophies won in the time frame you 'played' at Real Madrid


this would give the game a new dynamic, and also it would allow press conferences to vary more. If I am taking my team to the champions league final, wouldn't it be cool to be asked about how you've prepared for the game as a manager because you as a player won this comp?? (Or lost...) 


either way i would really like to see the development of previous playing careers / biographies having that little more detail to make the game feel that little bit more real than it already does. 


Love the game. Just want some tweaks to make my already enjoyable time even more enjoyable! 


D x

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