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Can't make 5 subs in the second leg of Champions League Tie


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I'm on version 21.1.3 now.

I'm in my first season. I noticed this happens only in the knockout tie. At the round of 16, first leg i have a bench of 12 with 5 subs allowed. However this changed in the second leg, whereby I can only choose 7 to be on the bench and 3 changes allowed in the match. When i continue to submit team, i was prompted that i had chosen 5 players outside the match squad. In the match itself i can only see 7, and i couldn't make any changes after making the third sub.

In the quarter final stage, I experienced the same thing. First leg all normal, second leg only 3 from 7 allowed, despite at the schedule page the rules clearly stipulates that it is 5 from 12. 

In all the 6 group stage matches it was ok. I'm not sure about the qualifying stages, or the final. WIll report back if i reach it.

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