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My Xbox Saves are corrupted

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So I buy FM every year in hopes of learning it but never get a season in. I then got it on xbox so I could play with a friend and I started an Arsenal Save (solo). This save was on it's third season and now I can no longer play anymore due to every single game save being corrupted ('This Save Game Could Not Load'). I was having an issue every so often the game would crash while saving weridly the two times this happened while saving I beat everton by 2 goals. Overall idk what posting to here will do but the xbox version of the game is buggy it crashes while trying to progress the dates and crashes after games on odd occasions. I feel I have wasted my time and money on this as a return would no longer be possible due to the amount of time played. I was going to get the PC version for a more traditional RTG but I don't know if that is as buggy as this?



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Exactly the same for me! Me and my friend finished a season, 2 games into the next season, the save file is corrupted.


There are also other issues like not being able to skip and the game crashing if you’re playing a game at the same time. You have to click RT at the same time when your games finish. Joke. 

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