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FM20 Punching tendency (reposted from general discussion)


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/*posted in general discussion where people suggested to post it here to get an answer, thus reposting here*/



I am somewhat confused about some of the goalkeeping stats. So far I thought that stats like Excentricity and Punching were "bad" stats - you don't want your keeper to do anything unexpected and you don't want him to punch the ball when he is supposed to catch it (putting handling ability aside). However, I just noticed that my Team report page listed "Those goalkeepers look to punch the ball rather than attempting to catch it" (among Weaknesses in orange) because I picked my keepers based on (among other things) low Punching stat (First choice was at 6 and backup at 4). I performed a test, I fired those keepers and bought new ones with high Punching stats (16 and 18). Now my team report lists "Goalkeepers do not like to punch the ball clear" among Strengths in khaki.

Does this mean that the description of Punching (tendency) is incredibly misleading (it literally says it's the keeper's inclination to punch the ball in situations where he should catch it, implying higher Punching tendency means the goalkeeper will, you know, tend to punch the ball) or is the Team report page "confused"?

How about other stats that are "bad" by description - does low eccentricity skill mean the keeper is bad at doing the unexpected (meaning he does do the unexpected)? (the team report lists low eccentricity among strengths)

How about Rushing out tendency?

My interest is in this: If I want my keeper to punch less, does this require low punching stat or high punching stat?

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