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Problem about Documents Folder in FMT20

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My device has already documents folder,i put my saves etc in this folder.Then i delete caches etc and go into the game.But after some times the game creating another documents folder with big 'D' as Documents.

Because of that duplication,my game don't see the folder.I am deleting that,and go into the game again.It is ok for short time.But after some time,again i am having same problem.

Normally in the computer i have the option to change folder way,but in my device there is no option to change folder destination.

Also i can change sidebar as icon only with an option.But in device,there is no option to change.

In the old days,i could change the files with some commands.But anymore i couldn't do because i am getting old..


Dear friends,do you have any solution about these problems.I bought the game touch but i couldn't play enoughly because of the problems.


The game is Fm 2020 Touch

Devices are so much because i tried on every device in my home but i couldn't solve problems

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