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Football Manager Community should engage more with each other competitively

Football Manager should be more competitive.  

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  1. 1. Football Manager has a lot of us doing saves individually and has us asking doubts about tips, tactics etc. However, the game should be more competitive and should make the game 100x more interesting in the form of more and more online saves and custom drafts. Agree or No? We should start from the YouTube scene and swamp it.

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We have to totally exploit the YouTube scene to give it the recognition it deserves, We have to play this game by posting more clips online, and bring more attention. Just like how FIFA did in 2012. Let us take some steps forward.

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In 2011, 2012, FIFA was merely a game you'd just play but not make it a money-making entity. The community then was small, now it is HUGEEE. We have to do the same, I have a YouTube channel with 1.22k subs, and all of us have to push this game into something much bigger than what it is, by playing our part. YouTubers who are FM Based have played their part, and it is now bigger than what it was 3-4 years ago. Let us keep working, it has so much potential. Imagine making this game much more mainstream than it is with the help of the online community. Let us support each other, and build the strongest foundations for the game. It is possible. We can do it.

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