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Create-A-Club: Advice/Challenges/Goals

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Im finding FM a little bit tedious now

So to spice things, I thought about creating a Club and setting a few challenges for myself along the way.

I would love your feedback/input into this, to help with ideas and to help the creative juices during Quarantine...


1: City/Country/Competition:

- For starters, a good city to be located in? (somewhere that could potentially have lots of rivals, or a city that desperately needs a team)

- Country, being in Europe somewhere to be involved in the Europa League and Champions League. Would also help with the future challenges.



2: Challenges:

-The usual bunch, such as a 5/10 year plan of making it from a low division (possibly lowest) to Top Division/Champions league Final.

- Have academy graduates in the first team, the whole way through (good Youth System)/ only sign under 23s?

- Do a Treble

- Back to back titles

- Win both the Europa League and Champions League


Any Advice, any input or comments/criticism are welcome.

Stay Safe!


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