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  • Work Permit Issues - PS5 Major Bug

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    I am having huge problems regarding work permits which makes the game almost unplayable. If playing in league one or the championship you are virtually only eligible to sign people from Britain and Ireland, this makes the game one unrealistic and two not enjoyable. Now I know work permits are part and parcel of football but I can't even sign players from the same league!?? Its clearly a bug and this was raised in February by someone else, it was flagged as being looked in to but two months later nothing has changed despite two updates. This is almost unplayable and needs sorting, examples below of players i cannot sign. 


    Tried to sign Mads Andersen while Hull City in the championship, he plays for Barnsley in league one. 

    Goekeras I tried to sign for Hull whilst in the premier league, he plays for Coventry in the championship.

    Bachmann I tried to sign for Barnsley from Watford, wouldnt let me. 

    List goes on, 100's of players and most of these have played in england for over 5 years.

    Can someone update me as to what is happening and what you are doing about it or give me a refund?





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    On 14/04/2023 at 12:51, Zachary Whyte said:

    Hello, this issue is still under review with the developers.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.  

    This has been under review for 4 months Zach. 


    Has any progress been made? Is this likely to be fixed only when fm 24 comes out? Or can we expect a fix in the next update?

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