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  • Skipping League trophy celebrations - PS5

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    I’m 6 seasons into my save and won the league 3 times so far, on all 3 occasions the game has auto continued as soon as the trophy lift is about to happen. I get a visual for about 1-2 seconds of the players walking towards the trophy then get the sound prompt as if I’ve hit R2. This only happens with the league trophy, none of the domestic trophies. I’ve never seen my team lift the league trophy in real life so would like the chance to see it in game. 


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    Can you please let us know what team you are playing as?

    Can you also provide us with the game version you are playing on? To find this please navigate to 'game status' and provide us with your current version and game created on version figures.

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    We've continued to test this but still haven't been able to get it to reproduce - has it continued into future seasons? Have you moved clubs and did it show for the new clubs?

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