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  • No Substitution in second half

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    hello, me and my friends have the problem that we can't make substitutions in the second half during the live game in the online career on ps5. It changes automatically tacticts etc.. is this a bug or something wrong in the settings?


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    Hey @Xantonino can you please explain your issue in a little more detail please?

    You can't make any subs whatsoever in the second half? Is this during all games? Can you explain in a little more detail what you mean by your tactics automatically change? 


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    Me and my friends cant use the panel like „„shouts, mentality, instructions, tactis“ in the second half. It turns grey and cannot be interacted with, so no more substitutions can be made. The formation and substitution may then change automatically during the game 

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    This is also happening on Xbox. 

    5 of us in a season together, second half of every game nobody can make a sub whenever we play vs each other. 

    Subs are made automatically & no longer able to do any shouts or tactical changes as the OP mentioned. 

    Nobody has any game plans set up so it’s definitely not that. 

    Real game breaker right now. 

    @Desmond Richardson

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    • SI Staff

    Hello @BcfcG

    This issue is most likely occurring for you because the Idle Manager option is turned on, which is an expected of the game.

    When the Host has turned on the “Allow the game to continue automatically” option from Online Preferences and also set the “In-Match After” option to certain time limit. for ex 30 seconds, going into a match both users have the “shouts, mentality, instructions and tactics & subs” options active.

    However, if both users let the game continue automatically into the second half, not doing it themselves, those options become greyed out. So we would recommend you and your friends try changing these settings.



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