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  • game pass 30 year limit

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    After running my 30th year in my Meraba game, it gives a warning that you have reached the game limit.
    How can I continue?

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    1 saat önce, Zachary Whyte said:

    Merhaba@celebbib30 yıl, FM Konsolunda bir kaydın ne kadar sürebileceğinin sınırıdır.

    Bunu söylediğim için üzgünüm ama yeni bir kaydetme oyununa başlamanız gerekecek.

    Thank you for your interest. Sorry to hear that.
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    Oh no, there's a 30 year limit!? I'm glad I found that out here, instead of getting that surprise in a long term save. There should be some kind of warning about this. For example receiving an inbox message once a year from year 20 on wards, letting me know that I can play X more seasons.

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    On 04/04/2023 at 12:15, Zachary Whyte said:

    Hello @celebib30 years is the limit on how long a save can last on FM Console.

    Sorry to say but you will have to start a new save game.

    Why have you had to do that? Why not make it unlimited like the pc version?

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