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  • Player wanting to leave due to not qualifying for a work permit on contract renewal (denmark)

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    I have a player who is wanting to leave due to not qualifying for a work permit.



    This is in denmark where the eligibility for a work permit is simply to meet a salary threshold


    His current salary is very close to this threshold, and is probably just set it what ever the threshold was before the game started


    Now, an important question is if I have the ability to offer him a contract that meets the requirements, lets look at some of the salaries of my top players


    Looks like I am, and he should atleast be open to contract negotiations before complaining.



    I reloaded the save and was able to offer him a contract that does qualify for a work permit! 

    Looks like a contract that will litteraly quality for a work permit isnt enough, and he still wants to leave due to not being able to get a work permit!



    I guess he has a point, I should probably just let him go.


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