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  • Squad registration bug with MLS team

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    Hello there! Im having issues registering my team cause my squad went over the salary cap. I try to fix it, the game doesnt allow me to remove some players to lower the cap.

    Even when i use auto select, the game uses the same squad that i had. Cause of that, i cant register any of my players and a bunch of auto generated players joined my team. Even when i remove every players, i still end up with like 100k in 

    Any way to fix this issue?1956765149_Bug2.thumb.png.31925140775b7a0cddb2e974aafe8db0.png

    Here's some screenshots:


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    Thanks for raising this - the team will investigate your save game to see what exactly has happened here. We have made some changes in this area during updates, but with league rules/registrations sometimes they require a new save game to come into effect.

    Saying that we'll check your save regardless and see what's going on. 

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