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  • Youth teams don't get promoted along with first team

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    I got my first team promoted from the 3rd to the 2nd tier, but now my youth teams aren't playing in any competition anymore. (they should be integrated in the 'reserves 1B')

    I thought this was an issue within FM21 as well.


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    I'm very confused right now. My under 18s finally got assigned to a youth league, the second best youthleague. My u21s still have no league assigned...                                             

    2021: third division | u21 & u18 amateur youth leagues

    2022: second division | no leagues

    2023: first division | no leagues

    2024: first division | no leagues

    2025: first division | no leagues

    2026: first division | no leagues

    2027: first division | u18s elite 2 league, u21s no league

    thought this should be known to the devs.




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    Did this get fixed this patch? I saw that the homegrown problem got fixed, couldn't find or didn't see this one.

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    • SI Staff

    That was also resolved in the latest update - do let us know if there continues to be any issues. Thank you for your patience. :)

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