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  • Quick Pick on intra-squad friendly picks players twice and duplicates positions

    Francesc Gonzalez
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    Just took over a club and selected an intra-squad friendly. When picking the teams  again each other wanted starting defense (and DM) against offensive players. Once I separated both I clicked on quick pick and players go duplicated on first team, and also some players got selected on both squads

    Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 8.27.20 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 8.26.58 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 8.29.39 PM.png

    • Steps To Reproduce:
      1. In intra-squad friendly team selection email
      2. assigned defenders and DM to first team
      3. assign MC, AMC and ST to Second IX team
      4. Hit Quick Pick to fill empty spaces
      5. First team has over 11 players as starters
      6. Second IX has same players as first team

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    • SI Staff

    Really sorry for the lack of response here. The Beta forums are particularly busy initially and sometimes threads will slip through the net when we're responding.

    Could you confirm whether this is still an issue after the latest update? If so, I'll get this moved across to the main forums and we can get it investigated promptly.

    Thanks again for taking the time to raise this. :) 


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