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  • 2nd team training reports

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    > Second season managing RB Leipzig of the Bundesliga in Germany.
    > You are offered chance to found a second team, RB Leipzig ll.
    > I founded RB Leipzig ll as second team.
    > I do not want to see the regular training reports for players in the second team.
    > Despite "Receive training emails for RB Leipzig ll" being unchecked, I continue to get weekly training report emails.


    I have uploaded a save of the game 1 turn before the email arrives to the SportsInteractive OwnCloud.


    • Steps To Reproduce:
      > Load "RB Leipzig - Training bug.fm"
      > Continue one turn and will receive a "Training week in review - RB Leipzig ll" email
      > Check "Change training emails for RB Leipzig ll" settings and will notice the box is unchecked.
    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      RB Leipzig - Training bug.fm

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    • SI Staff

    In the attached save, you have 'receive training emails' box for Leipzig II checked.

    If you update to the release build, uncheck the box it and continue as normal it should work as intended.

    Let me know if that still isn't the case! :) 

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