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  • Game Freezes - Awaiting Media Reaction

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    Unfortunately my game freezes after the post-match dressing room talk. I get stuck at "Awaiting Media Reaction" screen. 

    I have tried it several times, but nothing changed. I have even started a new save, but I have experienced the same problem after the very first pre-season game.

    On SI Cloud Service, I will be uploading 2 different save files which have the same problem. First save is called "BJK 2021" and second one is "New Save - Schalke 04" - the one I started today. 

    I will be more than glad to understand the source of problem and to have a solution.

    • Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
      New Save - Schalke 04
      BJK 2021

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    On 04.11.2021 at 01:00, Michael Sant said:

    Thanks for logging these @VotkaPortakal we'll get this investigated with our QA team.

    Hello Michael,

    Within the last 2 days, I have checked the game several times if the problem still continues. But after trying it again today, I have seen that the problem doesn't exist for those 2 save files anymore.

    I have changed nothing with settings. Now it seems fine but I don't know what happened really. Hopefully it won't be a long-term problem, especially on the full version.



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    • SI Staff

    Thanks for coming back to us on these. It's an issue we're aware of now and have logged, so we are looking to resolve this but it is good to hear that you aren't being impacted any further.

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