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  • How to Add PKMs, Rec Files and Crash Dumps Files to Posts

    Neil Brock
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    If you have a PKM, Rec File* or Crash Dump file you wish to provide us for an issue, please attach the file to your post. DO NOT do this for Screenshots of the game.

    To attach a PKM, Rec File or Crash Dump, follow the instructions below.

    • When starting a new issue (or posting in an existing issue), enter the bug description as normal, then 'drag' the file into the grey area below or click 'Choose Files'. The area is highlighted below, click the image to expand it.


    • If you 'Choose Files' a popup will appear where you are able to find and attach your file from your system. Again this is shown below:
    • Once you've selected and attached your file, it will appear as attached in the bottom section. You have the option to 'Delete' the file on the right-hand side. If the file has attached and you're finished creating the post, click the Submit Topic/Submit Reply button. 
    • This should allow you to attach the file and submit your post successfully. 

    Files can be found in the following location by default:


    PKM and Rec files* - C:\Users\Your Windows Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\matches
    Crash Dump Files - C:\Users\Your Windows Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\crash dumps


    PKM and Rec files* - Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022\matches
    Crash Dump Files - Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022\crash dumps

    Please note that when providing .rec files, we also require the save game before the match in question. 


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