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  • Bahia Board members and Relationship Between City Football Group Members

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    Esporte Clube Bahia now is a new member of City Football Group, there is a new CEO Raul Aguirre and other board members.

    Maybe Sheik Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan could be the owner and Ferran Soriano a director like in other City football group clubs.

    In game, the relationship between the City football group clubs is only Manchester City and Bahia but Bahia received player from other clubs' City Group like New York City and Lommel.

    Captura da Web_4-11-2023_175719_www.esporteclubebahia.com.br.jpeg


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    Ideally the game should have a system for these new groups that are appearing now.

    The current affiliations system is too simple to replicate those groups correctly.

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