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  • Game Keeps Crashing on Certain Date

    Malicious Penguin
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    13th January 2022. 

    Just taken control of Hodd, uploaded the crash info as requested in the module... any ideas?


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    • SI Staff

    Hello Penguin,

    Thank you very much for flagging this issue with the team. This is a known issue and is currently being investigated. We understand this is frustrating and appreciate your patience whilst we investigate this issue.

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    Any update on this?

    Can't play this game for real since it crashes after a season or so..


    Simulated as an unemployed manager with different leagues etc, every time the same crash..


    Why would anyone play the Xbox version for PC if you can't even go further than 1 season..

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    FM22 is beta tested and worked out the kinks, but FM22 Xbox it seems theres alot of bug....  i cant move beyond 25 january 2022.   I opened a suppport ticket, and got an answer that its a known bug and they are working to solve it. 


    Hopefully it gets priority!  Just got a feeling this game series never gets fully tested..      What about get some faithful touch/xbox fans to beta test the game for the future?   It ruins everything..  we cant play as it currently stands.  :mad::herman:  

    They should atleast inform us about it, and give us an update. 

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