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  • IWB positioning in possession, too central?

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    I've noticed somewhat anecdotally that my IWBs tend to sit more centrally than expected (and than I recall from FM20) during the possession phase.  Instead of taking up a position in the half-space, my IWB drifts into a central position. 

    Here is a sample screenshot, from the 46th minute of a match against Newcastle (PKM attached):


    Here, Telles is my IWB, Cavani my libero.  Dalot has the ball, having just received a drop from Greenwood.  Maybe I'm asking for something unrealistic, but I'd expect Telles to be off a bit more to the left (far post), with Cavani perhaps a tad higher.


    Another screenshot, as play develops and the ball is worked into the box to Fred:


    Again, I would expect Telles to be more in the half-space, to his left.


    From the 61st minute, as the attack works through Greenwood on the right, Telles is much more central than I would expect:



    One final screenshot from the 66th minute, as we launch forward in transition down the left. Telles is sitting centrally, practically holding hands with Cavani instead of moving into a supportive position in the half space:


    As you'll note in the PKM, this is an IWB on support duty, with "gets further forward" ticked (one way I've tried to get the players/roles to separate). 


    My suspicion is that this central positioning is associated with my use of a libero, in that that the ME is interpreting the absence of a player in the DM strata as a need for the IWB to sit centrally in possession.  While that is technically correct, a libero on attack duty in the possession phase does step into the DM strata.  

    In other words, I would expect the ME to treat the libero as akin to a regista/DLP in terms of the IWB positioning.  Instead, the two players seem to be stepping on each other's toes in this phase of play, in a way they did not on prior MEs.  (Generally speaking, positions seem appropriate and as expected in the defensive phase, and in the transition from attack to defense.)

    I wouldn't classify this as a "bug" per se, and recognize that it may simple be an issue of me wanting a libero on attack duty to do more than the ME currently contemplates/allows.  But is also strikes me that the two existing roles are stepping on each other's toes in a way that doesn't make sense.  The IWB should drift centrally to cover, but not to the point that he and another player are taking up similar positions.

    The Newcastle PKM is attached, as is another match against Villa which sees similar issues -- good examples being a counterattack in 22nd minute, and in possession in the 30th.  I am happy to send other PKMs as/if necessary.  (I am also assuming that my tactical setup is readily visible in the PKM.  If it is not, just let me know!)

    Man Utd v Newcastle.pkm Man Utd v Aston Villa.pkm


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