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Thread: My stats as i go. On the 30 season journey!!!!

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    Gbr My stats as i go. On the 30 season journey!!!!

    I thought I would write a diary so to speak about my year on year efforts and results with Arsenal I will be doing 30 seasons with them and I will give you the stats as we go along so you can see how my stats compare with yours

    1st season in Charge with Arsenal

    1x premier league title
    1xfa cup
    1x league cup
    Runner up in the champions league

    Games played 73
    Gamers won 55
    Games drawn 13
    Games lost 5
    Goals scored 141
    Goals conceded 22

    So after one season not a bad year won the league and the fa cup and league cup and lost in the 89min to Chelsea in the champs league final I was gutted lol. Any way I will keep updating it as I go along. The formation im useing is 3-5-2 works a treat for me had to tweak around with the team instructions but the results speak for its self.

    SEASON 2

    well this was a weird year really was still the arsenal manager and did not buy in the transfer window as i thought to my self dont fix what aint broken. So to cut a long story short i below are the stats

    2nd in the league (1point behind chelsea)
    knocked out in the league cup 3rd round
    runner up in the FA CUP lost to tottemham of all teams in a penelty shoot out
    WON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2-1 VS SPORING LISBON which made me haapy as i lost in the final the year before.

    well to sum my season up gutted i come second in the league after i was leading it for such a long time. But winning the champions league made well happy and lets be fair not a bad trophy to win at all. so there u have it 2 season in and won all there is to be won with arsenal i will be staying with them for season three for a second league and champions league title then maybe move on who knows. I will keep u updated in season three once i have finished it. untill then !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEASON 3

    i will keep this one short and simple

    1st premier league
    4th round fa cup
    semi final league cup
    winners champs league

    was a good season for me yet again winning the league chelsea had a great start winning there 2st 15 games in a row could not belive what i was seeing but i hung on in there and during xmas chelsea dropped loads of points and i went unbeaten in from Jan to May only drawing one game was a great season for me im going to move onto another team as i have won everything there is to be won with Arsenal im going to take over as the Real Madrid manager for season for and hopefully bring a few of my Arsenal stars with me when i go. I will keep u updated when i finish season 4 but so far so good in the game yet to come second in the league and winning at least 2 cups a year not to bad at all.
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    Default Re: My stats as i go. On the 30 season journey!!!!

    cool, arsenal are pretty good. Well done, not a great record, but an awesome goals/conceded ratio.

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    Default Re: My stats as i go. On the 30 season journey!!!!

    its a great record .... im not to worried about stats its all about trophies and to have done the treble in my 1st season with Arsenal is a great achivement.

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