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Where can i read on how to set up a superleague with top European teams and no outside world?

The point ain't actually to play. At last not in the FM sense. It's simply for fast fun.

When i was a kid me and my cousins "invented" a "luck" game based on football teams. Basically we would set a superleague, pick a team, and roll the dices.

This system eventually got improved. After a few years the game that initially was based simply on luck, was now based on probabilities and luck. We would pick a team, which would have an according chance of winning the league and a determinate skill value. Those values were used to play matchs. The team playing at home would have a bonus into those values.

In the end of the league those values were re-adjusted for the next season, according to the table positions.

At this time we obviously couldn't use dices. We were using a calculator to calculate probabilities. The program my math teacher gave me in the classes wasn't the best for what we were trying to achieve, but it was good enough. It would always give us a winner. It was fun!

Eventually we came up with more tricks. Like transfers. Players that would give us team skill bonus and a 3 different tactics set up, which would give bonus ingame.

In this case, we were supposed to write in a bit of paper whether we wanted to play 5-3-2(Defensive), 4-4-2(Normal) or 3-4-3(Attacking). After choosing a tactic, we would show each other the tactic that we picked.

The system was simple. It was scissor-paper-rock :p. Defensive beat Attacking, Attacking beat Normal and Normal beat Defensive. Doesn't matter if this doesn't apply to real life, that's how we did it.

Just like the bonus of playing at Home, winning the "tactic game" would give you a slightly bigger probability of winning bonus.


The game was evolving into something complex. But after sometime it was too much work to keep in paper and to calculate. And at the same time we really didn't fell like going back to the basics.

It was an amazing game. (That and the Risk-like game i came up with. I simply didn't like the unrealistic set up of the Risk game, so i made a huge map of europe. The game was played in similarity with Risk, only difference was that provinces weren't given aleatorily and it wasn't mandatory to have troops in the provinces).

So we got into CM. And we didn't go back. (And eventually I would get into Europa Universalis and the paradox games alike)


The point of this short story was just to explain the purpose of the superleague.

I want to know how to set a league with top European teams(What's the maximum amount of teams a league can have?) and a Cup, with no outside world. All the players would be regens coming from those same clubs.

Normally we would pick a team and play with it. But my brother knows sht about FM and one of my cousins little knows. They used to played with us aswell on that calculator N paper football game, but they never grasped CM or cared enough about it. It was we who needed to handle them tactics in order to play.

But nowadays we can't simply make up a tactic and tell them to play with it the rest of the season. It's actually HARD WORK.

So my purpose for the superleague is NOT to coach. Just add a manager and go unemployed. The game will basically resemble the Calculator N Paper, but instead of me having to insert the inputs all the time, Fm will do that for me :p.

With that single unemployed manager in game, each of us then picks a team to "coach" and await for the results... and that's all there's to it really. We just look at the screen, await results, and watch full matchs when we play against each other. Just sit and watch the game flow by itself, letting Fm calculate everything.

It was quite fun when we were younger. I feel it's gonna be fun now anyway.

You might think "Wtf? What's the point playing it that way if you ain't really coaching it. You're just looking at the results, like a fan of the team"

Well, first reason I've explained. Nowadays i can't simply handle them a tactic. They must actually know how to play the game, which they don't (the two younger).

Second reason, 4 people playing FM goes SLOW!

Third reason, they won't be here for a long time.


With this method, it's like watching Horse Races... but more complex and fun :D.

We might get a lot of seasons done in a few time.

It would be awesome. I just hope it's possible.

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