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Coach allowance gone down as club progresses

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Ok, so I'm managing Dumbarton, a save which has been through all the patches.

I'm in the 2015/16 season and currently managing in SD1, my fourth season in the league. First three I consolidated my position and this year I'm going for promotion 2 points clear at the top.

Anyway, since I've been in this league the club became professional and I was allowed 7 coaches and 5 scouts, which I quickly allocated. All of a sudden, because of renewals coming up I have noticed it has gone back to saying "the club recommend you have a combined total of no more than 3 coaches" and it is the same for scouts.

I know this hasn't been the case since the new patch because in the summer I sacked a couple of members and was allowed to replace them within the 7/5 limits.

Any idea why this might have been? - surely my reputation hasn't dropped massively since starting to push for the league? It still says 'National' fwiw.... and scouting hasn't gone back to just Scotland...


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Well the finances are in the red, but it happens every season, after prize money and sponsorship and STs I'm back in the black. Wages I'm under my budget - but last season I was over it and specifically remember firing one of the five scouts and replacing him, so I'm sure it can't be that...

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