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I have good news and bad news and to begin with i have a bit of puzzled news. Why is it that when i search in forums i get everything listed except what i'm looking for? I typed in loan injuries then tried loans by itself no success. no biggie but when a mod says a thread is closed because "x" has already been mentioned may be the search option needs work. Please forget about working on the forum search feature there's other priorities currently at hand.

Good News: I don't know weather it's a tactic set i've downloaded off the dugout website or if it's the new patch but i've finally seen some good football in the last few games. I have westham playing chelsea and i watch in extended mode and was really impressed had the feel of a real match. Their keeper Chec & my targetman were scrambling for a loose ball and chec dived for it looked very realistic. Also the the holdup ball seems to be working better than all previous versions. I hope it's the patch as i see a light at the end of the tunnel now. If the 3D choppiness would go away not a lot but enough to notice i'd be really pleased.

Bad News: Loan Injuries. I have 3 players that i've loaned to different clubs. ones a waste that is taking up space on my squad with hopes something will pan out, The other two are my best prospects. i could've probably used the one midfielder as a sub but i needed him to get lots of playing time.

Both of the prospects are down with 2 month injuries. I haven't experienced the inj bug others have with my squad but i am done loaning players out. DONE!

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