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UE Sant Andreu

Drawing inspiration from MarcxD story of Sant Andreu, i've decided to also take on the same career. I've been looking for a new challenge for quite some time in this game and i believe this will be it. And hopefully i can do half as good as Marc.






Predicted 16th at the start of the season. Even with a small squad, i felt we could do far better.



Started off better than i could ever have imagined. And we put ourselves into the record books with EIGHT straight wins in the league, which ended at Llagostera, who equalled that record by beating us. But thankfully they drew with Reus B in the next game, and in the records it shows just us with the record, so i'll take that.



I think Llagostera are going to be impossible to catch, they rarely drop points, and when they do, we've dropped them as well. But there is a huge gap from us in second to Figueres in fifth, 17 points. So i think we've got a playoff place wrapped up, but i really want first place. And i will chase Llagostera down as much as i can.


Oscar Munoz, what can i say? He's a beast. Everyone is excelling right now, but none more so than him. And hopefully he and his teammates can keep it up and see us through the season. Looking forward to our first youth intake in March.


As you can see, the money situation isn't great, but i'm hoping if we can seal first place and the prize money that comes with, will help.

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Another good month, and despite the close scores in 3 of the games, the stats suggest otherwise as we dominated them all.


And yet again still can't find a way to overtake Llagostera. Need to make sure we beat them in our home game against them to stand any chance of first place.


Yet again, 32 year old, Oscar Munoz is destroying the defences.

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February wasn't a great month by any means, but almost got a win against Llagostera, but they luckily got a goal late on against the run of play. March we turned it around and barring a late equalizer from Terrassa it would've been a perfect month.


For a moment the gap was at 2 points between us and Llagostera, and then Terrassa got that late goal and it's back to the drawing board again. But we're more or less guaranteed a playoff place, so can't complain too much.


Munoz is killing it still, despite his age he's doing really well.



Got my first batch of youngsters coming through, a few of them look to be quite good and three have played in the first team already. So here's hoping for a bright future.

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